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ASEC and STEP programmes improve customer experience

Training and development is key for our employees’ career progression. Our customers also benefit from employees with an improved skill set. This case study provides more insight on how we train our service technicians, who make up about half of our workforce in Europe.

The TSC promise to customers

Our ultimate aim in implementing the Toyota Service Concept (TSC) is to deliver maximum reliability for our customers. TSC aims to adapt the lean principles of the Toyota Production System – designed for manufacturing operations – to our service business.

As part of the Toyota Service Concept, we have two Europe-wide service accreditation programmes: ASEC and STEP. These specialised programmes have significantly improved our customer service and continue to help us tailor it to their needs. Our technicians are trained on how to service our trucks under safe conditions, with respect for the environment and to the highest quality standards.

We now know that 90% of our customers would likely or very likely recommend our service. As part of our aim to be number 1 in customer satisfaction, our vision is for 100% of service technicians to be trained on the Bronze STEP programme and 100% of our network, including independent dealers, to reach ASEC certification by 2020.

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ASEC: improving customer service through certification

The After Sales Service Evaluation & Certification (ASEC) programme was developed to standardise and develop Toyota Material Handling Europe’s service and parts operations. ASEC is aimed at our captive network and independent dealers with both Parts and Services operations.

The programme has 3 levels: Entry, Basic and Advanced. It covers distinct sections aiming at improving workshop productivity, securing the safety and sustainability requirements of our operations, and increasing parts and services sales through Kaizen activities. Furthermore, it supports our permanent activities to maximise customer satisfaction.

The Entry level recognises an intermediary achievement rate focusing on the strict operational aspect defined as a minimum pre-requisite. The Basic level insists on standardising safety and operational processes. In the Advanced stage, Kaizen methodologies are implemented to enhance service contract coverage and customer service.

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STEP technical training and soft skills for service technicians

The Service Technician Education Programme (STEP) consists of two parts, one focused on Technical Training and one on Soft Skills. Each part has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Technical Training STEP Bronze level focuses on basic fundamentals, such as inspections, periodical maintenance and understanding publications. The Silver level is aimed at technicians who want to specialise in a particular product technology, while Gold is for talented Team Leaders. The Soft Skills STEP Bronze level teaches service technicians about Toyota Material Handling corporate culture, behaviour and business understanding, while the Silver and Gold Levels develop their commercial skills. For both STEP Technical Training and Soft Skills, technicians must undertake a 2-3 day course concluded by a test. The same evaluation is used across our network to guarantee a harmonised certification.

“The ASEC and STEP programmes are a crucial part of the Toyota Service Concept. We are proud to have improved the skill set of our service organisations through increased take up of the programme. We will continue to work towards our 2020 targets.”
Antoine Reminiac, Service Operations Development Manager Service Market, Toyota Material Handling Europe

Progress against 2020 target 

100% - technicians trained on STEP Bronze Level

  • 87% on Technical Training STEP Bronze Level
  • 28% on Soft Skills Training STEP Bronze Level

100% - our network certified to ASEC Entry Level

  • 50% of our countries on ASEC Entry Level
  • 33% of our outlets/dealers on ASEC Entry Level

17 January 2016

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Мы обращаем особенное внимание на обслуживание с использованием концепциии Toyota (TPS), структурированным подходом для оптимизации наших услуг.

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Мы применяем бережливое производство в своей работе и работаем по уникальной производственной системе компании Тойота , что означает, что мы производим только то, что Вы заказываете!

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Вместе мы можем сделать мир лучше: повысить безопасность, снизить негативное воздействие на окружающую среду и оптимизировать производственные процессы.

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